The Ritz-Carlton GiftCard Terms and Conditions

Card may be used at participating Ritz-Carlton® properties worldwide. The Ritz-Carlton Reserve hotels and The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club properties are excluded from participating. Visit to view list of locations. Card may also be used at participating hotels within the Marriott® portfolio of brands worldwide, including participating retail, spa, golf, food and beverage outlets. Card carries no value until activated. Card is a prepaid card, not a credit card or debit card, and is the property of and issued by MI Fulfillment Services, LLC. There is no expiration date for card. Card is not redeemable for cash, in any amount, except when otherwise required by applicable law. Card becomes inactive upon use of all card value. Card may not be used to secure or confirm a reservation. Each transaction will be debited against card balance; if transaction exceeds balance, user must pay the difference. Lost, stolen or damaged Cards will be replaced only if previously registered. Value of replaced card will equal balance on card at the time it was reported lost, stolen or damaged. To check card balance, click here or call 1-877-317-8082; outside the U.S. and Canada, call +1-281-668-2584